Can You Be Sure Organic Products Are Really Organic?

There is a reason organic products have become so popular. With all the stories of toxins and other contaminants in our food supply, it makes sense that people want to know that their food is clean. Growing your own is really the only surefire way to ensure this, but for most of us that is not really possible, so we rely on organic products. This is what we call the organic products lifestyle.

All that said, growing your own food isn’t really all that difficult. You just need to get some indoor grow lights and you can start your own vegetable garden in your basement. And it’s not just veggies. You can grow just about anything. We’ve had articles on this site about growing tea on your own indoors or growing other fruits and vegetables. You can grow them inside grow tents or you can just have a basement room.

Naturally, you can also grow outdoors, but that limits what you can grow and when you can grow it. For that reason we generally recommend growing indoors using LED grow lights or something similar. It just works a lot better.

organic vegetables

If you can’t, though, then you have to rely on organic products. You have to rely on other people growing those organic products and then labeling them correctly. That is a problem.

There been so many stories of incorrectly labeled products, especially ones coming from countries like China and India. The sad truth is, you can’t trust anything that is labeled as organic if it comes from one of those countries. Growers there have no scruples about labeling something as an organic product when it isn’t one it all.

But how about in the West? If you’re living in Europe or the United States or Canada or any other country in the West, can you trust these labels? I would say not really. In Europe perhaps you can trust it, but in the United States I definitely would not. The people in charge of the food supply in the US are incredibly corrupt. The government is controlled by money and the companies that benefit from putting toxins in our food supply have tons of money and control the government. For that reason I don’t think you can trust anything labeled as organic in the United States.

If you want to take part in the organic products lifestyle, your best bet is to grow your own food. That takes time and costs a bit of money, but it is not impossible. It is totally worth doing, in my opinion. But, I know most people can’t do it. I myself don’t really have enough time to grow all of my food organically. In fact, making sure everything you consume is organic is virtually impossible.

But you can grow far more than you think yourself. I started growing my own tea. Then, when I got an expensive coffee machine, I also started growing my own coffee indoors under grow lights.

For that reason you do have to trust other people at some point. You can buy locally, but how can you be sure you can trust that? The truth is you can’t. But you have to. For me, I know that I’m consuming some things that aren’t that great for me and that’s just the way it is. There’s nothing I can do about it.

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