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Growing Your Own Coffee Organically In A Grow Tent

Espresso machine

I have written on this blog about growing my own tea organically. I basically use the same method that people use to grow marijuana or succulents. I put the tea plant in some pots and put it inside a grow tent. I add LED grow lights to provide all the lighting the tea needs. Growing in a grow tent also allows me to control the climate completely, so I can give my tea the humid conditions it needs. This has resulted in some great harvests. It has also resulted in my next idea.

I’ve now decided to grow coffee organically in the same manner, in a grow tent underneath my LED grow lights. Growing coffee is not unlike growing tea. It has slightly different requirements, but they are not that different. Moreover, since I’m growing indoors in a grow tent, I can provide whatever climate my plants want. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside.

So why did I decide on coffee? Because I also like coffee and because I recently got a brand-new espresso machine. I went with an expensive machine called the Oscar from a company called Nouva Simonelli. This machine is very expensive, but it makes an amazing cup of coffee. An I love having a good cup of coffee when I kick back and relax and listen to my favorite vinyl albums on my vintage record player.

Espresso machine

At first, I considered going with a cheaper machine, like the ones you find on Amazon. The reason for that was that I found an article covering the best coffee espresso machines that come with grinders, making me think they were the top models. But once I read that article, I realized it was only covering the middle end of the market and I wanted a high-end machine like the Oscar.

And of course, now that I had high-end espresso maker like the Oscar, I needed a high-end coffee. I bought a bunch of different types and found ones that I liked, and I have to say coffee is fairly cheap, just like tea, but I always felt like I didn’t know where it was coming from. The coffee packaging said it was organic, but was it really? You can never really know, unless you make it yourself.

That was the conclusion I drew for tea, because I just don’t trust things you buy from China and it is also the conclusion I drew for coffee. If I wanted to be sure that I was getting healthy organic coffee, I would need to grow it myself. And I definitely wanted to be sure of that, because I only wanted to feed my new espresso machine the very best coffee beans.

Coffee beans on a coffee plant

So I got myself some beans and put them in a grow tent. I decided to get a new grow tent and not use the same one that I was using for my tea plants. This also meant I had to buy another LED grow light which is also quite expensive. I ended up getting a nice security system too, just to ensure the safety of my new expensive equipment. This goes both for my grow lights and for my Oscar espresso machine.

I have not yet had a coffee harvest, but I’m very excited to try it. For now I will use my store-bought supposedly organic coffee beans, but as soon as I have my own I will be using those. I absolutely cannot wait to try my wonderful new coffee that I am growing myself in my grow tent under a grow light in my brand-new espresso maker with the wonderful name Oscar. I am so excited for this.

What is a Hydroponic Grow Tent?

A hydroponic grow tent is a portable, enclosed space that provides an ideal environment for your indoor plants to flourish. The light, temperature, humidity and other requirements of the plants can be carefully regulated inside this type of structure, and it provides a safe and protective spot for the plants to grow. A grow tent is typically used by people who enjoy gardening but don’t have any outdoor space to do so. They are also a favorite of year-round gardeners who like to grow fresh vegetables no matter what the season.

Although it’s called a tent, it’s rectangular in shape and is supported by a lightweight, easy to assemble the metal frame. The exterior is usually dark colored nylon or polyester, which absorbs light, and is lined with white or silver mylar or thermal film on the interior to retain heat and reflect light to the plants.

Typically, they have a removable, water-resistant floor tray in the event of spillage and a metal grid on the ceiling for hanging lights and other accessories. They zip open and closed to allow easy access to your plants, and are available in a range of sizes to suit any needs. You won’t need any tools to assemble a grow tent, and they are fast and easy to set up.

Other features of a hydroponic grow tent include lighting systems such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium, a fan system for ventilation, a setup to facilitate the delivery of hydroponic nutrient, and an odor control system. Some of the higher end models feature air conditioning to keep the temperature at an optimal level and a carbon dioxide regulator to maximize growth.

Hydroponic grow tents range in price from about $75 to almost $2000 for deluxe versions.

Here’s a look at some of the equipment you can find in a grow tent and what it can do for your plants:

  • Carbon filters which prevent odors from escaping the tent
  • Lighting systems that provide better energy uptake than sunlight
  • Nutrient systems that make it easy to supply your plants with the nutrients they need in the absence of soil
  • Ventilation systems to provide optimal air circulation throughout the tent and help to control temperature and humidity
  • Carbon systems that encourage photosynthesis
  • Water filtering systems that filter the nutrient solution to remove particles that not only harm your plants but could also damage your delivery system

Check this link for more info and reviews:

Growing with a grow tent

A grow tent is a device that is used to provide a growing environment that is indoors, similar to a grow box. A grow box is usually more substantial in structure and more permanent. Here is a good example of an indoor grow tent. A tent like this can be a very effective way to grow your plants indoors if you are on a tighter budget, or you need the grow tent to be more mobile and easier to put together and take apart.

Where a grow box is made of more permanent materials such as rogue hydro aluminum and a stronger frame, a grow tent is made from canvas with a garden tower aluminum frame, and it has a reflective device inside to be sure that light is not lost on the plants.

Also included inside the grow tent would be a carbon filter and a high CFM fan to provide air circulation for fresh air to the plant. The grow tent structure allows lots of space for plants to grow with having to worry about them being crushed.

If you are thinking of establishing an indoor hydroponics system, a grow tent is an ideal solution. By utilizing its compact space, your plants can be placed inside, and you can customize the environment for your plants, such as the humidity, intensity of the light, the temperature, and the location of the grow tent.

The portability factor is a great advantage of a tent arrangement, because of the super lightweight materials from which grow tents are made. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble grow tents, and the contents can fit into a large to the medium sized duffle bag. Consequently, it is very easy to move around space until you find where you want to place it.

The great feature about the grow tents is that you can create the effect of a greenhouse, no matter where you decide to grow your plants. This extends your growing season, and will allow you to grow plants all year round, where if you live in a colder climate, you would be restricted per the outdoor weather. You can basically grow anything you want, even things you might never consider, like tea or coffee.

The customization factor is another great feature in grow tents, in that you can control the temperature and humidity levels for the type of plant you are growing. Some of the grow tents come with shelving so the plants can be moved closer or farther away from the light as the need may be.

The energy efficiency is very good in a setup like this because of the material that is reflective inside of the grow tent. This ensures the all of the light gets to the plant that it needs, and there is very little that is wasted. The temperature is much easier to control in the small space of grow tents like this, than it would be in a larger room, for example.

The grow tents that are manufactured today are very durable and are made from strong materials that last. The fabric is designed to stand the test of time.

As a handy environment for your hydroponic plants and any other plant for that matter, a grow tent arrangement like this is ideal for apartments, small spaces, or just about anywhere indoors.

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