How to choose the right indoor lighting to grow marijuana

Due to the inconsistent changes in weather patterns, weed growers have sought the alternative of indoor planting so that they can harvest on time irrespective of the weather. Indoor grow lights for weed just like in any other plants require the grower to select the kind of lights keenly to use in the tents. The kind of lights used for growing weed gives different results and also determines the amount of time that the plant will take to mature. Plants need light to mature and should, therefore, have adequate lighting even indoors.

The source of the light should be close to the plants. Plants that grow in insufficient lights tend to have small leaves and lighter colors.

Indoor growing tents

This method of planting is done in indoor grow tents. These are ventilated light proof materials that allow the farm to control the amount of light that reaches the plant. These tents act as a protector to the plants from insects and pests that destroy the weed plant. They also reflect light which is essential to the plants during photosynthesis. One should ensure that the materials used to make the tents are durable, one that is easy to assemble.

How to choose the right indoor marijuana to grow light

Hydroponics lighting

Indoor growing of weed is done through a method called hydroponics. This means that plants grow in nutrient solutions in the absence of soil. Using this method gives a farmer the liberty to plant weed anywhere as long as the indoor growing conditions are met. Changing weather patterns do not interfere with the maturity of crops in this kind of farming since the tents control temperatures. You can also visit this site for more information. This gives the farmer an assurance in the production of the crop. Insects that survive in soil do not attack plants planted in such conditions which in turn saves the farmer the cost of some of the pesticides used on the plants.

Types of lights used in indoor

The main kind of light used in theindoor growing of weed is the HPS grow lights (High-Pressure Sodium light. This type of lighting help plants in the budding process. These lights efficiently ensure that all the plants get the equal cover of light. A gardener can check the intensity of the light by placing their hand where they plan to place the plant to see if the light is too much for the plant. In the end you should checkout this url: here. Different types of lights should be placed at different distances.

HPS lights have a red spectrum which works as a starter to the weed plants in the morning. The light system should be placed in a way that the plant tops receive the same amount of light. Placing the lights closer to the wall ensures that the plants get even lighting as compared to when the lights are placed in the middle of the garden.

LED lights should be placed very close to the plantFluorescent bulbs should be placed 3 inches away from the plant while the induction lighting should be placed 14-18 inches away.

The lights used in the indoor growing of weed vary depending on intensity. One should consider several factors before they purchase the lights. The factors include intensity, the spectrum and the period the lights are required to work.Grow lights for indoor plants emit electromagnetic spectrums which aid in photosynthesis.

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