Ideal Grow Lights for Succulents

When it comes to the art of growing succulents, light is one of the most important factors to consider. This is even more true for people who grow succulents indoors because of winter weather. Ideal grow lights come in many different forms and many are determined not just by how much light is needed, but by the size of the growing space and the what your available budget is. You can find much more info on grow lights and helpful reviews here:

For succulents in general, fluorescent lights are the way to go since they emit enough light to help stimulate plant growth, regardless of how well-lit a household is in general. If you do use fluorescent lights instead of incandescent lights, keep in mind that the light should be toward the plants and away from any eyesight as fluorescent lights tend to cause eye irritation. The size of said fluorescent lights depends on the overall size of the growing area.

succulents growing under indoor grow lightsIf the available space is rather small and light bulbs are needed, the best kind of fluorescent lights to use are CFL light bulbs which can be screwed into most standard light fixtures. If the available space is much larger and tubes are required or preferred, then fluorescent lights tube bulbs of the T5 or T8 variety are highly recommended. These recommendations are more for budget-minded individuals who want the best inexpensive lights they can find. For people who have a large amount of money to spend, there are more expensive options available, thought the effectiveness of them may vary depending on product.

The ideal grow light distance for succulents is anywhere between 1 and 2 feet between light and plant. Therefore, a good grow light would fit well at this distance, but can still be replaced rather easily. The CFL bulbs and the T5 plus T8 tubes also fit well within these parameters. The reason for the rather small distance between the lights and the plants is that the strength of the fluorescent lights tends to diminish rather quickly from the light source, so a small distance is ideal for maximum plant growth.

When choosing the right grow light, another consideration is the amount of life available in the bulbs or tubes themselves. When growing succulents, the more sunlight or artificial light available during the day, the better. Bulbs or tubes which can last longer under strong usage will be ideal and lights with long life spans will be excellent for long-term plant growth. Efficiency versus availability is another consideration. A T5 tube bulb is more efficient, but is more difficult to find while a T8 is less efficient while being more readily available.
In the question of just how many bulbs or tubes to use for succulent growth stimulation. the answer comes down to what the available budget is and how many plants you want to grow. Most small-scale growers will want to stick with 1 to 5 lights while large-scale growers will want lights numbering higher from 7 to 10.

When determining just what is a good grow light to use for succulents, there are many factors to consider. Budget, space, efficiency are just a few and the bulbs which can touch on these the easiest will be the best to purchase. The CFL bulbs and the T5 and T8 tube bulbs fit into most of these categories and are readily available. As with any growing experience, your own experience may vary, but these are among the best to start out with.

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